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I'm Chef Eneitra Beattie and I love making healthy, tasty, organic products. My love for food began back in 1982 while shadowing my Grandfather who cooked from scratch. He made his own bbq sauce, had a garden and I was right there with him thru each process, learning😊 I now have turned my passion for food into my career, which was the best move for me. It makes me happy to be able to add a smile to people's faces while eating my heart-healthy food. Thank-you for your support and I truly believe your taste buds will smile

Fresh Green Beans


Since we opened our doors, Greenz N Tingz has become an integral part of the local community. We started Greenz N Tingz after realizing it wasn’t always easy to source the highest-quality fresh, local and wholesome food.

We’ve worked hard to build strong relationships with our incredible vendors, which helps us to keep our costs down, and we do all we can to pass those savings on to you. Discover the true meaning of delicious.




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